Dusty Roads

  • One more cup of coffee for the road, One more cup of coffee ‘fore I go. To the valley below.
    – Bob Dylan

    February 2016 I’ve been able to travel around California with my Chevy Astro van.
    My Friend Sebastien (from France) and I drove around San Fransisco and Los Angeles during 15 days, during that time we discover each other the same passion for camping and adventure.

    My idea was to capture all the road I pass by and shoot them with my Medium format camera.

    I drove almost 2000km between San Francisco and Los Angeles but most of my shot were taken in Death Valley, California.

    This is where I really wanted to do these shot with those infinity road and path.

    I remember the bad smell of the Really hot tarmac when I stopped to take that picture I was driving barefoot…I put my shoes on straight away it was impossible to put one toe on the ground.

    On this picture I remember stopped very quickly after seeing that sand storm coming out from nowhere, I was so impatient to shoot that I forgot to take my light meter
    and just put 1/500 f:11, I was not sure if the shot will came out good.

    Another amazed moment, where the sand was moving on the road like a snake on the ground it was, right after I took that shot it was gone.